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Paseo nuevo of Donostia-San Sebastian, Sonia Urreizti
Paseo Nuevo, Sonia Urreizti

San Sebastian is a coastal city of just below the 200.000 inhabitants in the Basque country.  It's main economic activities are commerce and tourism. San Sebastian features an oceanic climate, but experiences an increased amount of extreme climatic events such as severe storms, river flooding and heat waves.     


To identify the hotspots (areas in request of action) with regard to flooding and heat stress, as input in the process of elaborating the city's climate change adaptation plan.


Municipal civil servants on environment, water management, urban planning, green infrastructure, population and experts on climate change adaptation and nature based solutions.

Block courtyard in the romantic district, ENEA


One day preparation with local researchers who have bee actively involved in a climate vulnerability assessment for San Sebastian and a one day plenary workshop with about 12 municipal civil servants.


5x5m resolution: landuse, exposure-, vulnerability-, adaptive capacity- and risk-maps on (coastal and river) floods and urban heat island effects (on biodiversity and health), potential Nature Based Solutions 


Agreement on the hotspot areas.


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