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Spatial modelling environment combining expert knowledge with spatial and statistical data.

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QUICKScan Support Documents

Guidelines on how QUICKScan can be used drawing on experience from many documented applications and user manual of the software tool. Praesent sapien massa, convallis a pellentesque nec, egestas non nisi. Sed porttitor lectus nibh. Sed porttitor lectus nibh.

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of the most common questions when working with the QUICKScan software tool.

QUICKScan is both a software tool and a participatory discussion support method. The method is supported by the software tool to allow the in-situ calculating indicators based on stakeholders’ knowledge and preferences.

QUICKScan was developed to explore the impacts and trade-offs of policy questions in a stakeholder process. However, it is also used in land use planning and impact assessments both in participatory processes or from the desktop.

You can look at the show cases described within this website, follow one of our scheduled training sessions, contact us for targeted training, or read the user manual.

QUICKScan lets participants create their own alternative interpretations of- and solutions to- an issue. The alternatives are build on their knowledge and preferences, and available spatial and statistical data. During a workshop an iterative approach is followed, starting with simple rules and step-by-step adding complexity, using the participants' interpretation of model-results. Within each iteration impacts, side effects and trade-offs are assessed.

Questions about the use of QUICKScan?

QUICKScan is a participatory modelling method that links stakeholder- and decision maker knowledge and preferences to available spatial- and spatio-statistical data.